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FP&C's staff of contracting and program management professionals provide expert guidance and assistance on any situation with which you are confronted as it pertains to the Federal procurement space. Our staff members are uniquely experienced to give you insight and contextual information from the Government's point of view...because we've been on that side and know what is driving the decision-making process. Use our expertise as your GPS to get where you want to go. Our experts can advise on everything from proposal strategy to purchasing system reviews. Whether it is business development strategy, document review, capability statement, and website review, or assistance with communicating with government representatives, FP&C is your ace in the hole!

Lack the necessary skillset within your organization to run a proposal effort from start to finish? No problem! FP&C has you covered! 

Use our experienced staff with a record of success to develop and execute proposal win strategies. With very thin margin for error, can you afford to guess at what the government is asking for in a request for proposals (RFP)? Of course not! With FP&C's staff of former contracting officers and program managers, you are going to get insight your competitors won't have access to. This alone can mean the difference between being the successful offeror in a source selection and being the proposal the government uses to justify its price as fair and reasonable. BE THE SUCCESSFUL OFFEROR WITH FP&C! 

Contract administrators are highly skilled professionals...and can be costly employees. Let FP&C Consulting be your contract administrator!

Outsourcing your contract administration can be a very cost-effective way of managing your contracts and subcontracts.

Our experienced contracting professionals will integrate with your staff to ensure we are taking care of your needs. Whether it is managing compliance with your contracts with the government or overseeing your subcontracts to ensure obligations are met at a fair and reasonable price or anything in between, our staff has your best interest as our top priority.   

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