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One of the most important steps necessary to doing business with the federal government is registering with the System for Award Management (SAM). Registering with is part of the business process of pursuing government contracts and being awarded one. Do not be one of the companies making the mistake of soliciting government agencies and hoping it will open doors. You are going to need a SAM registration.

The US Federal Government is dependent on large and small contractors to provide high-quality goods and services of all kinds. SAM is a government-wide website and portal that is owned and operated by US government. In simple terms, it’s a free tool for businesses and organizations to apply for US government contracts. And of high significance, for the government to award as well as make payments for those contracts. SAM was developed in 2012 when the General Services Administration (GSA) consolidated several federal procurement and awards into a single system. This was done to streamline processes and eliminate duplicate data entry thereby improving data quality, and—ultimately—saving taxpayers money. SAM is used to:

· Update or renew your business or organizations registration

· Check the status of a business or organizations registration

· Search for business or organization registration and exclusion records

· Find resources about federal acquisition and procurement

· Find information about acquiring financial grants and cooperative agreements.

On April 4, 2022, the unique business or organization identifier used across the federal government changed from a DUNS Number to a new Unique Entity ID (generated by SAM).

· The Unique Entity ID is a 12-character alphanumeric ID assigned to businesses and organizations by

o As part of this transition, the DUNS Number was eliminated.

· For a business or organization registration, searching, and data entry activities now require use of the new Unique Entity ID.

· Existing registered businesses or organizations can find their Unique Entity ID by following the steps located here.

· New businesses or organizations can get their Unique Entity ID at and, if required, complete the necessary registration.

When you feel you are ready to enter the government marketplace, you shouldn’t go it alone. FP&C Consulting is happy to hear about where you are with your registration and where you want to go. We will offer you a path to get there, and we will be proud to be a part of your team! Let us help you submit a fully accurate, and compliant SAM registration and provide counsel and guidance every step of the way. Reach out to us today to get started!

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