Marketing Hype and Government Contracting

One of the most overlooked areas of doing business with the government is knowing how to successfully market to the government. Rather than promoting their technical advantages, many companies make the mistake of overhyping their commercial messaging and marketing collateral in front of government agencies and hoping it will resonate. We can tell you right now, that it won’t!

Government buyers are very keen to hear how their peers in the commercial sector have benefited from your solution, so case studies should be an essential part of your marketing toolkit. However, you do not want to hype them to the point that could lead the government buyer to believe you are offering a panacea solution. Without overhyping, use quotes from case studies on your Web site and other marketing materials to create interest.

Always keep in mind the federal government has entirely different pain points, requirements, and objectives (or missions) than found in the commercial sector. To be successful you need to take the time to understand an agency’s mandates, goals, and challenges. Remember landing government contracts means that you must abide by a complex set of rules and regulations. Doing business with the federal government is substantially different than doing business in the commercial world, marketing to the federal government can be a cumbersome task for the uninitiated.

After registering to do business with the federal government one question is often overlooked, what level of past performance do you actually have. Government contracting agencies will look to see what you have done in the past and how well you have performed. In the commercial sector, the sale is usually based on price. Whereas the federal government focuses on best value. This will almost always include an evaluation of your past performance record.

Currently, government contractors with commercial revenues lose up to 35% of potential income because of the wrong marketing strategy and overhyping. At FP&C, we routinely have conversations with clients about the time it takes the government to do whatever it is they are waiting on. Often, clients are pacing the

floor and clicking the browser to refresh hoping the information they are seeking has been uploaded by government procurement officials.

In today’s government contracts, the federal government is seeking more competitive bids and RFPs. At the same time, more and more contractors are getting into trouble for contractor code of conduct and business ethics violations. Marketing materials sometimes help win the government over. But, you should never rely on just marketing materials, presentations, or hype. The government is bound by strict rules and regulations when deciding whether or not to award a contract.

Part of your marketing strategy to win government contracts is to promote credibility to the agency without overhyping. If you are new to federal contracting, it helps to let the agency know you have a team on board that is familiar with the government contracting process, like FP&C Consulting.

When you feel you are ready to enter the government marketplace, you shouldn’t go it alone. FP&C Consulting is happy to hear about where you are and where you want to go. We will offer you a path to get there, and we will be proud to be a part of your team!

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