Or (What Does BIC MAC mean for ME?)?

You may have heard whispers of a new contract vehicle that goes by BIC MAC, BIG MAC, Next Generation Services IDIQ, or OASIS 2. The name hasn’t yet been finalized, but for all intents and purposes, most have been referring to it as BIC MAC.

While BIC MAC may conjure up thoughts of a tasty encounter with some beef, it’s actually a replacement. BIC MAC is the new OASIS contract vehicle, if the name OASIS 2 didn’t give it away (for a refresher on Contract Vehicles, see our previous blog posts!). If you have a variety of NAICs, congratulations! You may be in for a new contract vehicle. BIC MAC is also an IDIQ and will likely have a longer period of performance than 10 years, making government procurement for your services easier and more efficient. This is also very beneficial for Small Businesses as it allows the government to combine contracts. Less paperwork is ALWAYS a good thing for everybody!

BIC MAC will affect you if your NAICs cover any of the following domains:

· Management and Advisory *

· Technical and Engineering *

· Research and Development *

· Intelligence Services

· Enterprise Solutions

· Environmental Services

· Facilities

· Logistics *


As BIC MAC is still getting set up, the government is still deciding what all it should cover, so expect even more additions to this list. (* indicate what OASIS 1 covered previously)

If you’re already on the GSA schedule, just keep an eye out for the draft RFP, which is likely dropping soon. The initial RFI’s were released last year and you can view them here. Make sure you have everything up to date, which FP&C is happy to assist with as well!

Finally, FP&C is offering an Insights Into BIC MAC webinar in the very near future. If you are interested in the most recent decisions about BIC MAC and want to know how best to leverage it, this will be a great webinar for you! Sign up HERE.

We hope you found this information useful and let us know what we can do to help you and your business flourish!

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